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Custom cutting tools and customised solutions.

With more than 30 years of experience in the market, we meet the most demanding requirements of the most varied sectors in the industry. We are specialists in custom cutting tools and in customised solutions.

We design, develop and manufacture our cutting tools with the most demanding precision and repeatability, due to the benefits of using the most advanced technology such as contactless, optical measurement.

We manufacture special cutting tools according to the design provided by our customers, and we also offer our advice and customer support by designing and manufacturing the most appropriate solution to your needs.

For our tool production we use a wide variety of materials, such as alloy steels, HSS, Hard Metal and PCD of the highest quality; we have specific machinery, and our most important asset is our team, which have their own technical office where they design and develop our customers’ orders, while our workshop staff are specialised in the manufacture of machining tools and especially in the grinding of hard metal.

Solutions for special cutting tools and systems

Machinery for the manufacture of cutting tools

We have a factory of machines equipped with the latest technology separated into sectors with cutting-edge CNC machines (up to 7 CNC axes, 5 of them interpolated) and conventional machines.


The Romitools team

Management of the business: With absolute dedication to customer service, more than 30 years of experience guarantee our constant dedication to service, delivery and support to the customer.

Our own technical office: Our technical office managers are able to design any type of tool, tool-holder or solution necessary, with the ability to interpret, guide and advise our clients on all technical matters. We work with the most advanced 2D, 3D and CAD-CAM design programs.

Production: Our production team is made up of very dynamic and experienced people in the manufacture of special cutting tools, who are absolutely committed to the final Quality and our Service culture.

Corporate values
  • Quality


    Our work as a company is to develop quality products that satisfy the expectations of our customers and meet their needs. To achieve this, we all need to give our absolute best in our work.

  • Teamwork


    Experience has shown us that success is not the result of just one person’s work, but of good teamwork, good communication, a relationship of trust and a cooperative attitude on the part of all members of ROMITOOLS staff, to achieve a common goal.

  • Commitment


    Our commitment to the customer is total. Our experience and knowledge of the sector helps us meet your planning, documentation and shipping needs.

    Company values

    ROMITOOLS is committed to implementing, driving forward and developing its corporate policies, in compliance with the following principles:

    • Quality first, quality as the focus of our work.
    • Ensure that our products meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
    • Comply with the applicable legislation and regulations, and other requirements that the organisation can subscribe to.
    • Work with the utmost effectiveness, continuously improving our efficiency, striving for the satisfaction of everyone concerned (customers, suppliers, our associates and all employees).
    • Always keep in mind the most appropriate conditions to prevent, reduce and, whenever possible, eliminate pollution to the environment and accidents, and protect the occupational health of our workers.
    • Ensure workers have sufficient and adequate training and information so that they can do their work, as well as adequate channels for dialogue and participation.
    • Encourage our suppliers to provide their services to ROMITOOLS in keeping with the principles of this Policy.
    • Quality and good service are the responsibilities of each and every one of the ROMITOOLS team, and it is the responsibility of all workers to report, via the established channels, any actions that could alter or violate these goals in any way. All our work and operations are in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

    ROMITOOLS has a mission that may seem simple but requires a lot of effort. We strive to offer the best possible service to our customers with the aim of being more than just a supplier: we want to be a true friend to you, our customers, along your journey, in the long term, always putting our experience and knowledge at your disposal to offer you products of the highest quality and precision, and satisfying your needs and expectations.


    To remain sufficiently close to our customers so that the manufacture of special cutting tools is as simple for you and the service as reliable as any of your own processes – a unified process divided by physical distance alone. We want to be the first solution our customers think of when you need something that we do.

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