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Special cutting tools and systems

Design, Development & Manufacture: ROMITOOLS is dedicated to the custom manufacture of special cutting tools.

We carry out, from start to finish, an exhaustive design study in our R&D department and follow it up in the manufacturing process, providing the most appropriate solutions to every need, seeking the best results from all our cutting tools.

The tools are made to order from the customers’ specifications or from own design using CAD/CAM programs. Cutting tools can also be manufactured taking as a reference the final piece to be machined-obtained.

We develop and make tools in difficult shapes for working conditions of great demand and precision cutting.

We keep our resources constantly updated with the most advanced technology, and the newest universal, special and CNC equipment with the latest technical advances, so that the final product is of the highest quality and reliability.

Design, development and manufacture of cutting tools

Our most common tools

Our most common tools

  • Cutting discs, milling burs and drill bits in integral hard metal, HSS, steel body or HSS combined with welded plate, steel body or HSS combined with welded PCD insert.
  • Abrasive tools made of corundum, carborundum, Borazon and diamond.
  • Special tool-holders for use in simultaneous machining operations.
  • Special sockets for tool-holders.
  • Custom special tools, absolutely customised to meet customer needs for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, GFRP and CFRP composites, plastics, elastomers and textiles.
  • Our tools have the most innovative surface coatings on the market.
  • We manufacture flat blades, rotary blades, awls, die-cutting elements.
Other additional workshop services

Other additional workshop services

  • Sharpening of discs and blades.
  • Sharpening and repair of special tools.
  • Reconditioning and recovery of tools and tool-holders.
  • Precision machining including EDM and CNC grinding.
  • Manufacture, verification and checking of hand tools.
  • Manufacture of chips and machining systems.
Distribution of standardised tools and commercial material

Distribution of standardised tools and commercial material

  • Sale and distribution of standardised tools from the world's leading manufacturers, inserts, tool-holders, drill bits, burs, reamers, standardised discs in HSS and integral hard metal.
  • Fixing and fastening elements.
  • Sale and distribution of pre-adjustment and verification machinery.
  • Supply and distribution of abrasive wheels.
  • Supply and distribution of abrasive consumables and portable machinery.
  • Workshop tools.
  • Many and varied consumables and industrial supplies.

Our customers are divided into many sectors of the mechanical industries, but all want to achieve the same goal: maximum reliability and performance from cutting tools and special machining tools.

  • Automotive sector and auxiliaries: tyre rubber and technical plastics

    Automotive sector and auxiliaries: tyre rubber and technical plastics

    ROMITOOLS works with the world's leading brands in the auto sector (OEM, TIER 1).

  • Aeronautical sector

    Aeronautical sector

    ROMITOOLS manufactures tools that meet the highest level of demand in terms of precision, strength and durability for the aeronautical industry.

  • Auxiliary sector of the medical and pharmaceutical industry

    Auxiliary sector of the medical and pharmaceutical industry

    ROMITOOLS manufactures high precision tools, with the most select materials and the most specialised treatments and coatings.

  • Machining industry

    Machining industry

    ROMITOOLS manufactures high quality tools and contributes its knowledge to all the mechanical industries.

    Quality as a rule

    The ROMITOOLS's goal is the design, manufacture and commercialize a high rang of custom cutting tools that satisfy both the requirements and the expectations of our customers, providing the best quality-efficiency-cost relationship.

    We are fully aware that the consolidation in an increasingly competitive market happens, without a shadow of a doubt, to offer the highest care and attention to our customers. To achieve this goal, the Management and employees of ROMITOOLS, S.L. operate under a Quality Management System certified according to the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001/2008, which give the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes of special cutting tools.

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